24 January 2008

Out of WoW for time being

Well, I moved and don't have broadband access, so I suspended my account in the beginning of December. So it's been over a month and a half away from my beloved characters. I was doing fine not having played, until I struck up a conversation yesterday with a buddy of mine.

We were chatting about a bunch of WoW-related stuff--PUG's, experience levels, Outland, classes, etc. I miss it.

I hope to move into my new house this month and get my DSL back, so I can get my WoW back!

I left with a lvl 61 Shaman, 36 Warlock and lvl 7 Druid (my AH mule). On the alliance side, I have a couple of characters I haven't really played much: 28 Paladin, 18 Warrior, 5 Rouge. Not entirely sure, but no too much off from my earlier post, and no additions except maybe the Warrior (I haven't even read my own blog in months!)

So I hope to see everybody soon!

17 May 2007

Well, I've been playing my Warlock this past week. I decided to give him a rest for a few days to store up some double experience. He's now at level 24.

I also have a couple of Alliance characters on a PvP server I may play for a while. I've never done any PvP and my Human Paladin is around level 23 or so, so I guess I'm ready to try. Her name is Palidinette. Not very creative, but at least everyone knows what class I am.

I also have a level 6 Gnome Rogue called Gnomebody. Is that an allusion to "somebody" (visually) or "nobody" (aurally)? Who knows. I just named him that.

Anyway, I may run through the instance in Stormwind City, as I have a couple quests there. Also, i may venture out and try my hand at whacking some Hordes. We'll see.

08 May 2007

About the names...

A (really) short history about the names of my toons:

Bgredsox: My initials are BG and I like the Red Sox. ‘Nuff said.

Guilfoile: Came across this last name in my work. It sounded like a good butler’s name (“Oh, Guilefoile, fetch the Bently, old chap.”), and I originally had him as my mule (butler).

Druida: Pure mule character. She’s a Druid. Can’t name a character “Druid”, so the next logical step is “Druida”

(Not much deep thought on these, but there you go.)

Here we go....

A little about my characters:

I have three horde characters on Cenarius (PvE):

Bgredsox (48 Troll Shaman)
Guilfoile (22 Undead Warlock)
Druida (6 Tauren Druid)

I wanted to go PvE for my first character(s) so I could get a feel for the game w/out getting ganked all the time.

Bgredsox was my first character. I like versatile characters: that can use magic and fight, too. I like playing Bard-like toons (from D&D). I hate being not being able to cast spells, but hate even more just sitting on the sidelines casting stuff, unable to defend myself when someone gets in my face.

Guilfoile was supposed to be an alt/mule for Bgredsox. I started playing him through level 10 and had him camped out at the AH in Undercity running back and forth to the mailbox. When I wanted to get Bgredsox some rest, I started leveling up Guilfoile for a few levels. I decided that I liked playing the Warlock class, and when I went back to the Shaman, he (Bg) was doing a lot of his own auctioning.

Sad to say, Guilfoile is a semi-twink. I used money I got from AH’ing Bg’s stuff to outfit him with some nice, not great, stuff.

Druida will now be my mule for Bg and Guilfoile. I seeded her with 5g for AH deposits and will be sending her all my stuff from the other two characters.

I also have a main/alt on another PvP server. I forget which one, but I’ll make a post about them soon.

More on the names in the next post.

25 April 2007

Welcome to my blog...

I just thought it would be fun to create a little blog regarding my experiences with World of Warcraft.

I have another blog, Thoughts by BG, that I want to start keeping up with, as well.

What got me into this game? Two words: South Park. I saw the WoW episode of South Park and I figured I'd give this thing a try. I never thought I'd like a MMORPG; I was quite happy with my solo adventures with Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean and such. But since it was available on the Mac I downloaded the trial and started into it.

Now, like for a lot of people, WoW is almost a second job for me. I can't count how many nites I've been up 'til 3 AM "just to turn this quest in." Then, it's like, "well, maybe sell some stuff" and "I need to get to the trainer, and it's jsut a short flight to Ogrimmar..." You know the drill.

In this blog, I hope to chronicle what I'm doing with my several characters (I have 4 on two servers right now, but more on that later).

Not that anyone'll care, but feel free to comment on what I'm doing right, wrong or indifferent.

Happy leveling!